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Ever heard the rumor that you can get a Mew in Pokemon Red, Blue, or Yellow by using Strength or Cut on the Red Truck? Well, it's just a myth. But, I bet you didn't know that it's actually possible to catch a legit Mew (and it doesn't mean going back in time to an Official Nintendo Event). This video is very interesting. We haven't had a chance to try it out yet, but if we do then we'll report back. Let us know if you get a chance to try it! ... read more
Ilitsa GlitchMaster wrote: Error: It will not load for me :( Me either =/ ... more
GlitchMaster Error: It will not load for me :( ... more
Pokemon McDonalds Happy Meal Toys
June 16, 2012 Update
The Happy Meal website has some updates with some better pictures of the Pokemon toys that are available at McDonalds. It also includes a little more information about what is included with the toys. As stated in the original post, each toy comes with 1 Pokemon card (1 random card out of 12 available Pokemon cards).

Each Happy Meal also comes with a special mCode. You'll be able to input that mCode at the McWorld Site and you'll get a surprise for your treehouse in Pokemon Black or Pokemon White. I'll post pictures of the toys and some screens from the site about inputing the mCode and getting your treehouse surprise. ... read more
hfgdg piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikachuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ... more
Super-Power Pokemon Crossovers by bins
Oh boy do I have a splendid gallery of images to show you today. Here are some really great Super Hero and Super Villian crossovers done by bins. Please make sure to go to their blog and check out all of their works too. Also, the background in the post image was done by dblake. ... read more
phantom911 give the person who created it then you should be fine. this is also a dead topic so dont post on dead topics ... more
Jolteon of Vapor May I borrow Poison snivy for my deviantart profile pic? I'll credit you. ... more
Wooper Graffiti Pokemon Artwork by LumpyHeadedBunny
Wooper has no arms. lol. Here's a very nice Wooper Graffiti piece by LumpyHeadedBunny. There are a couple different photographs, so check them all out. Make sure to check out LHB's website too. exclamation ... read more
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