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ir-gts and ir-gts-bw how to guide tutorial
We recently added IR-GTS and IR-GTS-BW to our Download Section. These are Python Scripts that allow you to send Pokemon wirelessly to your games using the GTS feature.

IR-GTS is for all 4th GEN games including:  Pokemon HeartGold, SoulSilver, Platinum, Diamond, and Pearl. IR-GTS-BW currently works  for Pokemon Black and White.

Here is a quick Guide on how to use IR-GTS and IR-GTS-BW.

Step 1: Install Python
You’ll need to have Python installed on your computer before you can run this script. If you don’t have it installed already then you can download and install it from the following link:

download python 2.x.x
Python is easy to install. After you install it you’re ready to run the IR-GTS.

Step 2: Download IR-GTS or IR-GTS-BW

Here are the download links:

After you download the script, you’ll need to unzip the folder before you can run it.
download ir-gts-bw-gen v send pokemon to your game

Step 3: Run IR-GTS Script

Now open your freshly unzipped IR-GTS folder. There will be 4 files/folders inside the folder.

Read Me: This file includes a link to where the author hosts the IR-GTS scripts.

Pokemon: This folder will be empty. This is where PKM files will go when you send Pokemon from your Nintendo DS to your computer.

src: This folder contains the source code for the program. You shouldn’t need to go in here.

ir-gts or ir-gts-bw: This is the file that will Run the script.

Open the ir-gts file for Gen IV and ir-gts-bw for Gen V games.
open ir-gts and ir-gts-bw

Step 4: Set your Nintendo DS’s DNS

After you start the script you’ll be given an DNS address that you must enter into your DS console.

You must go into your Nintendo DS’s internet settings and manual change it’s DNS to match this number. If you don’t change the number in your DS then this script will not work.

Step 5: Send PKM to Game

From the script, type an “s” and hit enter. Now you’ll have to enter the path where your PKM file is stored on your computer. In Windows 7 you can drag the PKM file right into the script and it will automatically fill in the path for you.
enter the ir-gts-bw pkm path
Note: You must exit the GTS before sending a PKM. So, don’t enter the GTS until after you have initiated the process.

Once you entered the path hit the “enter” button on your keyboard.

You’ll then receive a message saying “Ready to send; you can now enter the GTS...”
enter ir-gts-bw pkm path

Step 6: Get the Pokemon
The last step is easy. Just enter the GTS (Trade) Room in your game. Once you enter the room the Pokemon will begin transferring to your game. Now you’ve successfully transferred a Pokemon to your game.

You can get PKM file from the following places:

You can create and edit PKM files in the editor and then download the custom file before you send it to your game.
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Is it safe and free of virusses Cake?
MissingNo. wrote:
Is it safe and free of virusses Cake?
Don't post on old topics. I doubt this method still works with the GTS gone.
MissingNo. wrote:
Is it safe and free of virusses Cake?

I would imagine it is. Best of luck in getting it to work.
FlameSpeedster wrote:
MissingNo. wrote:
Is it safe and free of virusses Cake?
Don't post on old topics. I doubt this method still works with the GTS gone.
It doesn't. I have this and I tried it. It doesnt work.
I'm gonna go ahead and lock this to stop further confusion
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