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Unlocked Pokemon Black 2 vs Black Kyurem Plushy
Welcome to the first Pokemon Merch Battle Post. This is a new series that I'm going to be doing that holds up a PokEdit Product against another Pokemon Product on the market. This is going to be very biased and is really only intended for humor. If it's not funny, then I hope it's at least fun. wah

Let the battle begin!

Round 1:
pokemon dollars price
The Price is Right. You can probably stop reading this article after you see this round's victor. Time to head on over to the PokEdit Store. mmm
Unlocked Black 2 Black Kyurem Plushy
$79.99 - This is a pretty easy one since we're just dealing with numerical values. Unlocked Pokemon Black 2 wins by a 10 dollar land slide. $89.99 - Ninety bucks for a plushy. Not a bad deal for a rad Black Kyurem Plushy, but more expensive than an even more rad Unlocked Pokemon Black 2 game.
The game is cheaper than the plushy. Nough said.
1 Point 0 Points

Round 2:
pokeballs vs stuffing balls
Pokemon in Poke Balls up against the Stuffing of a Plushy Doll. Let's find out which is more filling. pacman
Unlocked Black 2 Black Kyurem Plushy
PokEdit's Unlocked Games are loaded with all Pokemon,  the Newest Forms, All Items, and even more! That's a lot of stuff packed into a tiny little video game cartridge. I don't know what the real Black Kyurem is stuffed with (probably Blood and Guts), but this adorable little guy is stuff with everything you'd expect inside a stuffed animal (please disregard the photo above).
Massive amounts of digital goodies exceed plushy stuffing.
2 Points 0 Points

Round 3:
pokemon battle snuggleworth
Snuggleworth is the hug and snuggle value of an item. So basically, the more Snuggleworth something has is the more you'll want to cuddle up with it under the bed sheets.
Unlocked Black 2 Black Kyurem Plushy
Slick and shiny plastic moldings are cold and rigid. The game might be incredibly awesome to play, but you'll probably want to cuddle up with something else. This little guy is soft and fluffy. Just the right size for a good solid hugging.
The Stuffed Pokemon takes the cake in this match. Sorry Unlocked Pokemon Black 2, with all 649 Pokemon; you're digital greatness is just not very Snuggleworthy.
2 Points 1 Point

Round 4:
Size and Scale
size and scale of black kyurem plusy pokemon doll
How accurate is the scale of these two opponents. How does their size match up? Well let's find out!
Unlocked Black 2 Black Kyurem Plushy
The Pokemon Sprites in the game are generally not to scale (at least according to the Height and Weight in the PokeDex). But, there might not be enough room on the screen to fit some of the larger Pokemon if they were to scale. So, we can cut them some slack on this one.

The physical copy of the game is a great size and perfectly to scale. Unlocked Pokemon Black 2 is 100% to scale with a Pokemon Black 2 game.
This little guy is big, but not quite jumbo enough. A wild Black Kyurem is 3.3 Meters tall and weighs in at 716 pounds. That's a lot of Pokemon! This plushy is about 12-13 inches tall. Sorry Black Kyurem Plushy Doll, you just don't size up.
The Unlocked Game is 100% to scale with a Game. The plushy is small in comparison to a real Pokemon (if Pokemon were real).
3 Points 1 Point

Round 5:
Replay Value
let me show you my pokemon pokedit battle one
How many times have you bought something and then ended up only using it once or twice? What a pity that was. uh-uh Let's take a look at the replay value of these two contenders.
Unlocked Black 2 Black Kyurem Plushy
The main story should take around 35h 32m (according to And that's not including all of the extra side quests. When you add those fairly long game-play hours up and factor in an unlimited amount of online game-play, we're looking at about 21474836h 47m of replay value. Not to mention that you'll have to show all 649 Pokemon to your friend that's watching you play over your shoulder. Plushies are great, but the replay value is generally low. If they don't manage to land some permanent real estate on your bed , then there's a good chance they'll end up tucked away on a shelf or in dark closet.
The Plushy could end up having a long cuddlesome life cycle, but even at it's best, it will only be on par with the Unlocked game. The Replay Value Crown goes to Unlocked Pokemon Black 2.
4 Points 1 Point

Round 6:
Online Compatibility
information super highway pokemon pokedit battle
Can it connect to the information super highway (aka The Internet)?
Unlocked Black 2 Black Kyurem Plushy
PokEdit's Unlocked Pokemon Black 2 games are fully compatible with online Battles and Trades. All online features of the game will work exactly like a normal Pokemon Black game. No.
Unlocked Games have internet features and stuffed toys don't.
5 Points 1 Point

Final Results:
PokEdit's Pokemon Merch Battle 1 Final Results
Unlocked Black 2 Black Kyurem Plushy
5 Points 1 Point
Unlocked Pokemon Black 2 takes the crown in a landslide victory. Good try Black Kyurem Plushy. You were soft, cute and sweet; but when it came down to the nitty-gritty, you didn't have the meat.

unlocked pokemon black 2 wins black kyurem plushy loses
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Hope you like it. thanks
Make another!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The plushy is only 79.99 on amazon.
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