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Super-Power Pokemon Crossovers by bins
Oh boy do I have a splendid gallery of images to show you today. Here are some really great Super Hero and Super Villian crossovers done by bins. Please make sure to go to their blog and check out all of their works too. Also, the background in the post image was done by dblake.

1. Zubatman
(a Zubat Batman crossover)

2. Human Torchic
(a Torchic and Human Torch Crossover)
Human Torchic Human Flame Pokemon crossover animated gif

3. Poison Snivy
(a Snivy and Poison Ivy Crossover)
Poison Snivy Poison Ivy Pokemon crossover animated gif

4. Green Lanturn
(a Lanturn and Green Lantern Crossover)
green lanturn green lantern crossover animated gif

5. Lairon Man
(a Lairon and Iron Man Crossover)
lairon man lairon iron man crossover animated gif

6. Emma Froslass
(a Froslass and Emma Frost Crossover)
Emma Froslass Emma Frost crossover animated gif

7. Black Ariadow
(a Ariados and Black Widow Crossover)
Black Ariadow Ariados Black Widow crossover animated gif

8. Chimcharley Quinn
(a Chimchar and Harley Quinn Crossover)
Chimcharley Quinn Chimchar harley quinn crossover animated gif

9. Jokerlia
(a Kirlia and Joker Crossover)
jokerlia kirlia joker crossover animated gif

10. Skitty Pryde
(a Skitty and Kitty Pryde Crossover)
skitty pryde kitty pryde crossover animated gif

11. Psydocke
(a Psyduck and Psylocke Crossover)
psydocke psyduck psylocke crossover animated gif

12. Elektrabuzz
(a Electabuzz and Electra Crossover)
elektrabuzz electabuzz electra crossover animated gif

13. Wonder Woobat
(a Woobat and Wonder Woman Crossover)
wonder woobat woobat wonder woman crossover animated gif

Just another remind to check out the original blog:
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cuperj777 wrote:
Ya. I heart these pics

cute UU

LOL these are HILARIOUS!!!  I saw I love them. heart I totally laughed out loud at Black Ariadow. But a Pok'e Mon with guns seems a bit strange, does it not? Green Lanturn is just... woooooow. XD
Saw this on reddit actually. Me likes :)
Nooga wrote:
Saw this on reddit actually. Me likes :)
Me also likes :)
pikachu Pika Pika
How had I not seen these before O_O These are brilliant :D
Ryoko wrote:
How had I not seen these before O_O These are brilliant :D
They are, aren't they? 
Jolteon of Vapor
May I borrow Poison snivy for my deviantart profile pic? I'll credit you.
give the person who created it then you should be fine. this is also a dead topic so dont post on dead topics
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