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the kalos region
Welcome to the Kalos Region, the new world that is Pokemon X and Y. We've got a pretty decent size map for your viewing pleasure. We also have some information and pictures of Lumiose City.

The Kalos Region
Your adventure in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y takes place in the Kalos region, home to beautiful skies and forests! The Kalos region is full of interesting places to visit and explore!

(click the map for a large view)

Lumiose City
The central city of the Kalos region is Lumiose City, a thriving metropolis filled with customers checking out its variety of shops. Many roads extend from the iconic tower at the city's center.
Lumiose City artwork

Lumiose City screenshot

Lumiose City screenshot

Lumiose City screenshot

Lumiose City screenshot
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 This is beyond amazing! wah
 This is pretty cool Cake! wah
I never said "This is beyond amazing". It is but I never said that.
RadicalBrendan! wrote:
 This is pretty cool Cake! wah

Yeah. This regions looks pretty neat so far.
143851 wrote:
I never said "This is beyond amazing". It is but I never said that.

Who do you think said it?
Excitement!! *O*
143851 wrote:
I never said "This is beyond amazing". It is but I never said that.

 I apologize for this 143851. I sent you a message about that. All you did was a little bit of thread clogging. Don't worry about it. I just need to keep these pages clean.
Remember that "unknown train" leading out of Unova? Look in the left side in the center and it looks like a train station. Also that mountain looks like Mt. Coronet mountain chain's end.

 I think that you are onto something 143851. Nice find. ohyeah
Also by just looking at the map you can tell there are other thing that could stand for things. this make makes  me belive that the Kalos region will have fertil soil. and all those clouds? that, to me, just seems like  their covering something or this region will be highly patrolled by some sore of "protector of the sky". The dirt tells me there will be lots of fossils in this region.

That's some interesting speculations. I like to see people thinking like that. I love contemplating stuff like that as we slowly learn new information about new Pokemon games.
Have they said when the cards will come out?
Cake, what do you know about the Pokedex and Trainer custamzation
I don't know anything about the cards.

The trainer customizations look like you can pick from a few different hair colors and skin colors (but I guess there could be more). I don't personally know much about the new DEX.
 I don't like the thought of custom trainer design myself. I prefer a strict & permanent design for all of the characters. But of course, that is just my opinion.
That m.t cornet idea is really good you got something
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