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Pokemon X Y E3 - Fairy Type, New Pokemon

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Re: Pokemon X Y E3 - Fairy Type, New Pokemon

Postby » Thu Jul 04, 2013 12:43 pm

alex27558 wrote:
i im haveing froakie,gogoat,fetchiling,and eevee on my team at the first,ONLY HAVING NEW POKEMON,only haveing old pokemon on my team if they a gen. 6 evolotion,other than that,NO OLD POKEMON,so thats how eevee fits in all cute and cudly!
I'd like a Fennekin on my team. It seems that in the released video, it learns Psychic-type moves, which often leads to a decend special attack stat. Most Psychic and Fire-type moves are special attack, and the STAB coverage is great.
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