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Herro there!

Introduce yourself to the PokEdit community.

Herro there!

Postby » Sat Jan 24, 2015 4:14 pm

I'm not new, I even made like 2 other introductions in the past. But, with the random amounts of users poppin' in from deh interwebs, I thought it would be necessary for me to reintroduce myself to them new users.

So hei, my name is domocoNT1. I'm not sure about saying I'm a senior user, considering that I joined about a year ago.

I enjoy ALL sorts of anime, vocaloid, J-Pop, and video games, especially osu, PinocchioP songs, and Nichijou.

I've been playing Pokemon for a while now. But not that long. I'm only 12 :3

I still don't have a 3DS, but I'm expecting to get one in the summer. WITH ALPHA SAPPHIRE AND PHOENIX WRIGHT VS PROFESSOR LAYTON

I'm the weirdest person you might have ever met ;D

I have many ways of communication, just ask ;)

I hope you guys know who I am or remember who I am again!

(Also for Team PokEdit, why do I still have the Beta Tester title? Are we gonna get rid of that at some point?)
photo rsz_domocosig_zps61b8ee5f.png Thanks Miltank244! :3
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Re: Herro there!

Postby » Sat Jan 24, 2015 10:50 pm

Hai! I'm Abe, nice to meet you :D And no, I'm the weirdest. Goodbye nao :3
I've met with a terrible mate, HAVEN'T I?
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