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Shiny Rayquaza Events (PKMs and Info)

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Shiny Rayquaza Events (PKMs and Info)

Postby » Mon Mar 19, 2012 9:23 pm

Black Shiny Rayquaza Events - 15th Anniversary and Nobunaga Events
There have been two Shiny Rayquaza Events in the past couple of months. I've rounded up the PKMs and have added them to our Event PKM Database. I'll include images and information for both Black Shiny Rayquaza Events.

Election Rayquaza
This Rayquaza was given out in Japan to celebrate the 15 Anniversay. There was a poll where fans could vote for their favorite mascot Pokemon (the Pokemon featured on the game boxes). Rayquaza won and was therefore given out as a promotion.

When was the Event? How long could you get the Election Rayquaza?
The Event was from February 12, 2012 until February 27, 2012.

15 Anniversary Poll Rayquaza Event Pokemon ScreenshotPokemon Details
Level: 100
Held Item: Life Orb
Ribbon: Classic Ribbon
Poke Ball: Cherish Ball
Move 1: ExtremeSpeed
Move 2: Hyper Beam
Move 3: Dragon Pulse
Move 4: V-Generate

Where can I get the 15th Anniversary Shiny Rayquaza?
The Event was originally a Wi-Fi Connection event. It's now over, but you can still get this Pokemon here at PokEdit. I've uploaded the PKM file into our PKM Database.

Nobunaga's Black Rayquaza
This Black Rayquaza was released to celebrate the launch of Pokemon Plus Nabonaga game. It was only for players with the Japanese version of Pokemon Black and White. The Rayquaza is based on the black Rayquaza used by Nobuanga in the game.

When was the event? How long can I get the Nobunaga Rayquaza?
The Event is from March 17, 2012 until April 16, 2012.

Where is the event? How to get the Black Rayquaza?
You'll need the Japanese version of Pokemon Black or Pokemon White. This is a Wi-Fi Connection event.

Pokemon Plus Nobunaga Event Rayquaza ScreenshotPokemon Details
Level: 70
Held Item: no item
Ribbon: Classic Ribbon
Poke Ball: Cherish Ball
Move 1: Dragon Pulse
Move 2: AncientPower
Move 3: Outrage
Move 4: Dragon Dance

Both of these Shiny Black Serpents is available. Enjoy!

Download 15th Anniversary Pokemon PKM

Download Nobunaga Shiny PKM
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Re: Shiny Rayquaza Events (PKMs and Info)

Postby piet » Sat Jul 15, 2017 11:05 pm

the 15th Anniversary Shiny Rayquaza isn't shiny in the database!
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