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ExtremeSpeed Genesect and Movie 16 news
You’ve probably already heard, but the 16th Pokemon Movie and ExtremeSpeed Genesect were announced this month. The movie was revealed in the Oha Suta Episode of the December 13, 2012 Pokemon Anime in Japan. The magazine, Corocoro, released info about it and the ExtremeSpeed Genesect in the December 15 issue. ... read more
alonso Hola. Solo quiero decir k hay un rumor en japon y en america de los que ya saben de la pelicula dicen que va salir con la pelicula el evento de genesect shiny. No se si ustedes han escuchado esto  pe ... more
random event Pokemon added to the event database
Alright, so they aren't all random. The two newest Pokemon in our database are Masuda's Deoxys and Team Rockets Meowth. They're both hot and fresh from Japan. I'll post some information about the two newest Pokemon here.

I've also added a couple older Pokemon to the Database. We got a few new Pikachus in that were missing and a Weavile from 2009. ... read more
Cake Flerendra wrote: Glad to see more event Pokemon~! :D ya! We'll try to keep adding more!  ... more
Flerendra Glad to see more event Pokemon~! :D ... more
pokedit help wanted
PokEdit is looking for some help. We're trying very hard to grow, but we don't have enough help around here. There are a few specific roles that we’d like to fill, but just posting inm the boards and being a party of the community will help too! And your feedback is always appreciated. Read below for details about the open positions: ... read more
phantom911 mayoouran2001 wrote: domocoNT1 wrote: mayoouran2001 wrote: domocoNT1 wrote: I CAN BE MODERATOR! Unless you don't ... more
mayoouran2001 domocoNT1 wrote: mayoouran2001 wrote: domocoNT1 wrote: I CAN BE MODERATOR! Unless you don't want me too. That's fine too. It's ok. *sob* Becoming a moderator is no ... more
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