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Realistic Pokemon Season 1 full size poster rj palmer
RJ Palmer has been making very cool realistic Pokemon artwork for some time now. But now he's put all of his season 1 works together into one massive image. According to RJ, the plan was always to make a large poster-size image with all of the Pokemon together for the Fanime 2013 Festival. ... read more
143851 *boy screams* "RUN TIMMY" *boy screams again* *Monster gets closer**boy dies* ... more
RadicalBrendan!  One word, & one word only. RUN!  ... more
black kyurem white kyurem spring friendly 2013 promotion c-gear skins
Anyone who participated in the 2013 Spring Friendly can now access a new promotion that let's you get a White Kyurem and a Black Kyurem C-Gear Skin. You'll have to have Pokemon Black, White, Black 2, or White 2 to obtain the new C-Gear skins. I'm not sure how long these new skins will be available, so you should probably just pick them up as soon as possible if you're eligible. ... read more
hellom how!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... more
143851 AWESOMENESS!!! ... more
pokemon fusion
If you're a Pokemon fan then you've probably come across Alex Onsager's Pokemon Fusion before. In the rare chance that you haven't seen it before; it's a neat little web app that lets you combine two different Pokemon sprites. It's surprisingly fun to try different combinations and see what new monsters come out in the end. ... read more
having waffles do electubuzz and nidoking Clenrence do it... for mother ... more
Poke' Woman Cake wrote: Alxias wrote: create hahahah is nice I like that one! Me too! It seems proportionate. ... more
international metagross event driftveil season
Those of you who are competing in the Pokemon League Driftveil Gym Season now have an opportunity to get a new Event Metagross. All you have to do to get this Pokemon is go to the Promotions page at the Pokemon Global Link ad follow the instructions. The next time you use Game Sync, Metagross will be added to your game. ... read more
Cake Poke' Woman wrote: Wait, couldn't you just make this with the editor? You can make it in the Editor, but it wouldn't technically be an event Pokemon. It's really har ... more
RadicalBrendan! Poke' Woman wrote: Wait, couldn't you just make this with the editor?  Good point, but I don't know.  ... more
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