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Get ready for the 2013 Spring Friendly, Wi-Fi Competition!

Registration will be open from May 9th - May 16th!

The Competition will be live from May 17th - May 20th!
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Raichu Hnng.. I'm sad to have missed these C-Gears! I really need to be more organized! ... more
RadicalBrendan!  If I can, I'll try to join. ... more
genensect officially revealed 2012 august corocoro and wifi event
New scans from the August Corocoro magazine in Japan have finally hit the web. Genesect has now been official revealed! The magazine also says that there will be an Official Wi-Fi Event to get your first legit Genesect starting on August 11, 2012 and lasting until September 14, 2012. The Event will be for Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 only. Genesect is #300 in the Unova PokeDex and #649 in the Full National Dex. ... read more
Cake bey wrote: Why is Zero there from beyblade Zero-G? I don't know why. Does it say Zero-G somewhere? ... more
bey Why is Zero there from beyblade Zero-G? ... more
Pokemon black and White Korean 2012 Anime Event Kami Trio
The official Korean Pokemon site recently revealed an upcoming Event for Pokemon Black and Pokemon White.  This is a Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Event that is happening in conjunction with the airing of a two-part anime episode about the Kami Trio. The anime Episode is airing on the Tooniverse TV channel in the South Korea.  The Wi-Fi Event is being held from May 14, 2012 until July 5, 2012. ... read more
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2012 Corocoro scans reveals Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 stuff
Images from the newest Corocoro have started surfacing. This issue seems to be jam packed and loaded with new Pokemon information. The biggest news seems to be that the Kami Trio have new formes in Black 2 and White 2. The formes that we've already seen are known as their Incarnation Formes. The new formes that have been revealed are their Sacred Beast Formes. Apparently, they all have the same types no matter the forme they are in. I'll go over a list of release from each pages of the scans. I didn't have time to translate these, so I'm getting this info from ... read more
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Shiny Volcarona Korean Event 2012
A Shiny Volcarona will be given out in Seoul, Korea during the Korean World Championships estimations round on June 9 and 10, 2012. ... read more
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