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Hello everyone! I'm here to announce the 2013 International Challenge for June!
Registration will be open from June 13th - June 20th

The Competition will be live from June 21st - June 24th
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Poke' Woman RadicalBrendan! wrote:  Please not that pokeforever used profanity. I have removed his post. Thank you for that. It was really annoying me. But, as for Blaziken, I do not believe so, but ... more
RadicalBrendan!  Please not that pokeforever used profanity. I have removed his post. ... more

Hello! There is a new Wi-Fi Distribution Event for Black and White 2!
[English Cartridges]

You will receive a lvl 100 Deoxys!

This event will be live until May 31st!
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RadicalBrendan!  Wow, I so want Deoxys now!  ... more
Cake MiniiGaGa wrote: Cake or Zorrettta plz add it to the database asap!!!!!!!!!! We're working on it. We should have it on the site by tomorrow. ... more

Announcing the April 2013 International Challenge!

This tournament is for the following cartridges ... read more
Raichu No problem, I appreciate it!  ... more
143851 your welcome. that was me i just couldnt sign in ... more

This competition only allows the use of a Black 2 or White 2 cartridge and is open to all players except those in Japan and South Korea!
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Cake angie425 wrote: im using my trusty articuno as my main legend. :3 Articuno is awesome. Good luck! ... more
angie425 im using my trusty articuno as my main legend. :3 ... more
big pokemon announcement in 2013
Everybody is waiting for the big announcement tomorrow (Jan 8, 2013 in Japan). Most speculators believe this is going to be the announcement of GEN 6, but could it really be? This is apparently bigger than we originally thought, because Nintendo recently announced that they will be doing a special edition of Nintendo Direct called Pokemon Direct hosted by the President of Nintendo (Satoru Iwata).
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