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stunning reshiram pokemon art by salanchu
salanchu has a really nice gallery of absolutely stunning Pokemon artwork on DeviantArt. There's a lot of works in the gallery, so I suggest checking out all of them. I'll post a few of my favorites. You're sure to start salivating soon. heart ... read more
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2012 ARCEUS VOTE BEFRIEND ARCEUS ScreenshotUpdate: Feb 14th, 2012
I'm going to address a few of the big questions that I've seen floating around about this ARCEUSVOTE 2012 Arceus.

How to befriend Arceus?
(where to put the arceus vote password?)
First, you'll need to send your Pokemon to the Dream World. Once you've done that, head over to the Global Link on your computer (you'll have to have a PGL account). From the main PGL page, click the button that says "Promotions". You'll then see a list of all promotions available. Click the one that says, "Receive the Mythical Pokemon Arceus!". You'll now need to enter in the promo code, which is ARCEUSVOTE ... read more
RadicalBrendan!  This is pretty cool, but I prefer the Arceus event for HG/SS.  ... more
Poke Will their ever be an Arceus Event for Pokemon Black 2/ White 2? ... more
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