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funny magikarp comics by chris s
Check out these hilarious animated comics by "Chris S" featuring Carpy (a Magikarp) and Bass (a Feebas). These comics where featured on the following tumblr page:

Not much is known about the artist, but these are very fine pieces of work. My favorite is the Fresh Prince one, but there are many good ones. I'll post a few of my favorites, but make sure to check out the official tumblr page to view them all. ... read more
Poke'tastic Loved the Fresh Prince parody one. And you replacing "Flip-turn" with "U-Turn" which happens to be an actual move from Pokemon, clever! ... more
Poke' Woman Raichu wrote: Now I always ready Carpy's voice as Will Smith's . u .; LOL yeah his funny voice. ... more
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