CFW Unlocked Modded 3DS System!!
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pokedit help wanted
PokEdit is looking for some help. We're trying very hard to grow, but we don't have enough help around here. There are a few specific roles that we’d like to fill, but just posting inm the boards and being a party of the community will help too! And your feedback is always appreciated. Read below for details about the open positions: ... read more
phantom911 mayoouran2001 wrote: domocoNT1 wrote: mayoouran2001 wrote: domocoNT1 wrote: I CAN BE MODERATOR! Unless you don't ... more
mayoouran2001 domocoNT1 wrote: mayoouran2001 wrote: domocoNT1 wrote: I CAN BE MODERATOR! Unless you don't want me too. That's fine too. It's ok. *sob* Becoming a moderator is no ... more
PokEdit Avatar Image Cropper and Resizer
We added a new feature to your User Control Panel yesterday. You can now upload an image and crop your avatar directly from the Control Panel. It will also automatically resize it to the proper size. This will make it really easy to change your avatar image, so I expect all of you that haven't set an Image yet to get in there and choose an avatar. You're going to be seeing that picture more in the near future because we have some other updates coming soon. wah ... read more
RadicalBrendan! Poke' Woman wrote: RadicalBrendan! wrote: Cake wrote: shiny mew.lucario wrote: awesome!!!!!!!!!!! ... more
Poke' Woman RadicalBrendan! wrote: Cake wrote: shiny mew.lucario wrote: awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Interesting timing on that comment. The c ... more
PokEdit Affliate Program is now LIVE
Hi Guys,
We trying to get the word out about our site. We need help, so we decided to make a special Affiliate Program. We sell Unlocked Games and Unlock Services on our site, That's one of the only ways we can make money to keep the site going. So, we'll be paying $5.00 if you link somebody to our site and they buy something. wah ... read more
Rodrigues Cake wrote: Rodrigues wrote: Here is a website that maybe can help. you should contact them Why would you recommend that site? ... more
Rodrigues If you didn't notice, they have a some sort of system in place to gain subscribers, a free ebook to download in return for an email address. Therefore they must have subscribers to their email list. ... more
we all live in a pokemon world
I’d like to introduce our very first affiliate. We All Live in a Pokémon World, a site made by Kimberly and part of a network of sites at kimsites.netbig-smile

We All Live in a Pokémon World is mainly dedicated to defending the positive qualities of the Pokémon world. There are some great articles that give in-depth reasons on how and why Pokémon is about friendship, trust and companionship. It seems fairly common to see people attacking the Pokémon franchise for ... read more
wallace cool ... more

404 Error. Page not found.... Just kidding! A page was found! And I know Moltres didn't eat it because the fiery Phoenix Pokemon actually created the pages!

I wanted to let everybody know that we have a new affiliate partner. The website is and the webmaster is moltres93. Moltres is definitely the star of the show over there. So, Moltres fans are going to absolutely love it. wah It's a nice site with some unique and interesting Pokemon content.

You also need to ... read more
zOObie These are good pics.  Especially that one with the face.  It makes me laugh... ... more
Cake codyRogersHaHaHa wrote: lol! that ho-oh picture  i hope you're talking about that one after the jump. It's so hilariously awesome. ... more
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