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new event pokemon upload to database
Fifteen new Event Pokemon have been added to our Event Pokemon Database today. Some of these are slightly overdue and some of them are just plain old school. Either way, you should enjoy sending them to your game via PokEdit GTS. ... read more
Tristen XY hi cake pokedit tip for xy try using action replay baced technology ... more
XxArculion99xX HELP wrote: Does anyone know why genesect of any kind that will transfer over to black and white 2  and theN to x and y? I'VE TRIED EVERYTHING? It has to be an Event Genesect. ... more
New PokeSav download page on PokeEdit
Hi All! We recently finished out new PokeSav database page right here on PokEdit. It's a lot fancier than the last page we had. It's easier to find the Version and the Language that you're looking for too. All of the newest versions are in the top section of the page. Every version that we have in our database can be found at the bottom. You can sort the rows for easy navigation too.

Go to the PokeSav Database! ... read more
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PokEdit New Download Section Event PKM database
We've finally started rolling out our new Download Section. Right now, the Default PKM Database and our Event PKM Database are online. They are very new, so if you find any errors or problems please let us know. exclamation The new pages match the website theme much better and make it much easier to get the PKMs that you're looking for. Some of the new features aren't currently available. For example: the "Send to Game" feature is currently not operational. But, you can still download all of the PKMs and inject them into your game anyway you like (PokeSav will work for that). ... read more
Cake  I do the Hoki Poki and I turn myself around. ... more
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