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I added 7 more Japanese Event Pokemon to the database today. They aren't very new events, but they will make great additions to your collection if you missed them (which you probably did since you don't live in Japan).
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GillianSeed73 FlameSpeedster wrote: GillianSeed73 wrote: FlameSpeedster wrote: GillianSeed73 wrote: ... more
FlameSpeedster GillianSeed73 wrote: FlameSpeedster wrote: GillianSeed73 wrote: FlameSpeedster wrote: ... more
new event pokemon upload to database
Fifteen new Event Pokemon have been added to our Event Pokemon Database today. Some of these are slightly overdue and some of them are just plain old school. Either way, you should enjoy sending them to your game via PokEdit GTS. ... read more
Tristen XY hi cake pokedit tip for xy try using action replay baced technology ... more
XxArculion99xX HELP wrote: Does anyone know why genesect of any kind that will transfer over to black and white 2  and theN to x and y? I'VE TRIED EVERYTHING? It has to be an Event Genesect. ... more
2013 Meloetta Event
A new Pokemon Event is coming up that will allow you to get the famous musical Pokemon, Meloetta. This Event will be available from March 4 until April 19, 2013. It's an in-store distribution, so you'll have to get out of the house in order to to get it. So where do you need to go?
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Jeremy im on it now and i dont see anything. do i need to do the event first and when i use game sync itl appear? and if so where ... more
Cake You'll have to get it on the PGL for now. ... more
random event Pokemon added to the event database
Alright, so they aren't all random. The two newest Pokemon in our database are Masuda's Deoxys and Team Rockets Meowth. They're both hot and fresh from Japan. I'll post some information about the two newest Pokemon here.

I've also added a couple older Pokemon to the Database. We got a few new Pikachus in that were missing and a Weavile from 2009. ... read more
Cake Flerendra wrote: Glad to see more event Pokemon~! :D ya! We'll try to keep adding more!  ... more
Flerendra Glad to see more event Pokemon~! :D ... more
masuda's event Deoxys at Aeon Mall
A Deoxys Event is brewing up in the Land of the Rising Sun. The Official Japanese Pokemon website revealed all of the details yesterday. Masuda's Deoxys will be distributed at select Aeon Mall locations from Dec. 15, 2012 until Dec. 23, 2012. Afterward, it'll be distributed at Makuhari Messe from Dec. 22, 2012 until Dec. 23, 2012 as part of the Jump Festa 2013. ... read more
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