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The recent news about Mega Charizard and Mega Lucario being in the new Smash Bros got me thinking about Mega Evolutions. I went looking for Mega Greninja images and then found some pretty cool Mega Evolution art of the Kalos Starters. Perhaps this is something to look forward to in Pokemon Z or whatever version is next? ... read more
Semek Trafny I like the first chesnought DragoonForce2 cool. ... more
helpPlz BetaX64 wrote:My Megas are up there YAY! I'm going to redesign these megasPlease don't post on topics 2 weeks or older ... more

Lego enthusiasts, Stormbringer, spent three months building these Pokemon behemoths. ... read more
RadicalBrendan! phantom911 wrote: You have to make them your self with your own    Sadly, you're right.  ... more
phantom911 You have to make them your self with your own ... more

And artist studying at Tokyo University named Tako-ashi has built some really impressive 3D Modles and built some neo-retro posters to advertise Pokemon Red, Blue, and Green versions. ... read more
RadicalBrendan! InuYasha wrote: RadicalBrendan! wrote:  Uh... Yeeeeaaahh, these aren't creepy at all. XD I TOTALLY agree with you. :D    Thank you!  ... more
phantom911 Great. Now its a pokemon version of durastic park ... more

A user from reddit (by the name of electricmastro) has put together an interesting montage showcasing the various Nintendo consoles that have shown up in our virtual bed rooms while taking on the role of lead trainer in every grand Pokemon adventure over the generations. ... read more
pokemon123456789 Ok so the tv thing up above me is funny. But still... Its a TV! Can i watch it now? ... more
336340 143851 wrote: me neither ... more

The final set of official Artwork for the last Mega Evolution forms have been revealed in the latest issue of Corocoro. ... read more
pokemon123456789 I love houndoom! And the mega houndoom is sooooo cool! I NEED to get pokemon x or pokemon y! ... more
Nooga It's not ... more
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