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pokemon ruby and sapphire on nintendo 3ds
The Pokemon world was turned upside down recently with the announcement of Pokemon X and Y. Not because Nintendo announced new main entry titles (everyone knows they will continue to be released), but because of the drastic new directions that Game Freak has taken the new games. Like I predicted in my last “Cakenalysis: 6th Generation Cogitation”; the new games are in full 3D. I didn’t think it would be cel shaded, but I didn’t think it necessary wouldn’t be either. ... read more
XYZ Saxoi wrote: Pokemon ruby and sapphire were my first pokemon games :)  Mine first game was emerald:P.And imagine the last!Pokemon Silver on my Nokia lumia 800 an retarde phone:P ... more
Dude159 wrote: I had an idea while looking at this someone somewhere should use this idea to make the most epic game ever in existence at least to do with pokemon so I shall explain the 3D images gav ... more

6th GEN has officially been announced! It's Pokemon X and Pokemon Y as you can see in the video. It seems that my prediction of getting 3D graphics was fairly accurate. It's just a cell-shaded 3D visual style (which actually look pretty cool). The battle look like they will be in 3D as well as the video shows off some battle moves.
... read more
nikkiten This looks so awesome, I love that elk Pokemon I will be playing x first! ... more
Cake 143851 wrote: The blue one looks like coblion He does have a "Cobalion" feel to him.  ... more
big pokemon announcement in 2013
Everybody is waiting for the big announcement tomorrow (Jan 8, 2013 in Japan). Most speculators believe this is going to be the announcement of GEN 6, but could it really be? This is apparently bigger than we originally thought, because Nintendo recently announced that they will be doing a special edition of Nintendo Direct called Pokemon Direct hosted by the President of Nintendo (Satoru Iwata).
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pokemon mystery dungeon gates to infinity north american english release dates
The official Pokemon website recently announced the release date of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity. The English version will be launching in North America on March 24, 2013. The game will be available in stores and in the Nintendo eShop. So, who's going to be getting this game on launch day? ... read more
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Nintendo's Official Youtube channel just added a new trailer for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Magnagate and the Infinite Labyrinth which was first revealed in Corocoro magazine a few days ago. This is quite a visual upgrade from the previous Mystery Dungeon games on the DS and GBA. I hope the gameplay is as good as it looks. big-smile ... read more
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