CFW Unlocked Modded 3DS System!!
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Announcing the April 2013 International Challenge!

This tournament is for the following cartridges ... read more
Raichu No problem, I appreciate it!  ... more
143851 your welcome. that was me i just couldnt sign in ... more
pokemon x xerneas and pokemon y yveltal
Nintendo quietly announced the names of the two legendaries from the recent trailer. The names are Yveltal for Pokemon Y and Xerneas for Pokemon X. The names (the first letters at least) match up with the cover of the games that these beasts are most likely going to be on the cover of. ... read more
lulu5794 I just can't wait for this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I have seen almost all of the ads on yutube.  I really hope this game is the best of them all!!!! ... more
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