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new event pokemon upload to database
Fifteen new Event Pokemon have been added to our Event Pokemon Database today. Some of these are slightly overdue and some of them are just plain old school. Either way, you should enjoy sending them to your game via PokEdit GTS. ... read more
Tristen XY hi cake pokedit tip for xy try using action replay baced technology ... more
XxArculion99xX HELP wrote: Does anyone know why genesect of any kind that will transfer over to black and white 2  and theN to x and y? I'VE TRIED EVERYTHING? It has to be an Event Genesect. ... more
2013 keldeo distribution event
The first Mystery Gift of 2013 is none other than our favorite pony colt friend Keldeo. This Event Keldeo will be distributed from January 25 until February 12, 2013. The Pokemon has been added to our database. ... read more
Poke' Woman Cake wrote: Yeah, Keldeo is definitely cute. It's a pretty good Pokemon in my estimation.  One of the greatest Revenge Killers of the metagame today. ... more
chychy7808 kELDEO Is an awsome pokemon and sooooooooooooo cute! ... more
masuda's event Deoxys at Aeon Mall
A Deoxys Event is brewing up in the Land of the Rising Sun. The Official Japanese Pokemon website revealed all of the details yesterday. Masuda's Deoxys will be distributed at select Aeon Mall locations from Dec. 15, 2012 until Dec. 23, 2012. Afterward, it'll be distributed at Makuhari Messe from Dec. 22, 2012 until Dec. 23, 2012 as part of the Jump Festa 2013. ... read more
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strongest class single battle event Pokemon pkm downloads
A Pokemon distribution event, being held at Pokemon Centers across all of Japan, will be giving away some very powerful, level 100 Pokemon. There will be seven distributions, starting on September 15, 2012 running up until October 28, 2012. You'll be randomly given one of the 5 Pokemon at each event. Depending on which Pokemon you receive, you'll be able to get it's corresponding illustration and literature (Battle Guide Sheet and Postcard). I'll post that image at the end. ... read more
Cake Yeah, that must be some kind of bug since we recently updated our 5TH Location Database. I'll try to get it fixed as soon as possible. ... more
GillianSeed73 Cake wrote: GillianSeed73 wrote: I tried changing the Dragonite to Adamant Nature and it says any changes make it no longer an Event Pokemon. I read that these were distribut ... more
Three-Part Porygon PGL Pokemon Event Promotion 2012
A Three-Part PGL Porygon event is now LIVE from July 12, 2012 until September 27, 2012. You'll be able to get a special promotional Porygon with the hidden ability, Analytic. There's also a Porygon C-Gear Skin and a Porygon Pokemon Doll to decorate your Dream World house. We'll have the PKM available soon.

Porygon Pokemon Promotional Code: IGNPORYGON

Porygon C-Gear Skin Promotional Code: PORYZCGEAR2012
... read more
Cake david wrote: did all of this but i can't find it in dream world ! If you did all the steps then it should work. Just gotta keep looking until you find him.  ... more
david did all of this but i can't find it in dream world ! ... more
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