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pokemon ruby and sapphire on nintendo 3ds
The Pokemon world was turned upside down recently with the announcement of Pokemon X and Y. Not because Nintendo announced new main entry titles (everyone knows they will continue to be released), but because of the drastic new directions that Game Freak has taken the new games. Like I predicted in my last “Cakenalysis: 6th Generation Cogitation”; the new games are in full 3D. I didn’t think it would be cel shaded, but I didn’t think it necessary wouldn’t be either. ... read more
XYZ Saxoi wrote: Pokemon ruby and sapphire were my first pokemon games :)  Mine first game was emerald:P.And imagine the last!Pokemon Silver on my Nokia lumia 800 an retarde phone:P ... more
Dude159 wrote: I had an idea while looking at this someone somewhere should use this idea to make the most epic game ever in existence at least to do with pokemon so I shall explain the 3D images gav ... more
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