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The Trick-or-Treat Friendly Online Competition has been announced just recently. This Competition will run Internationally, is single battle format and restricts to the use of Ghost Type pokemon within the National Dex, with the exception of Rotom and Giratina. All pokemon over the level 50, are lowered to level 50. The pokemon must also be Kalos born. Registration runs from October 16th to October 23rd and the battle period starts from October 24th to October 31st. Participants will receive 5 Rare Candies as a prize.

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superus_malum11 Registration has begun for this event. lasts until the 23rd. ... more
pokemon123456789 superus_malum11 wrote: pokemon123456789 wrote: superus_malum11 wrote: Alcor wrote: C ... more

Exciting news has come, in the form of a double event for players!
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Miltank244 SyllisX wrote: Alcor wrote: By Odin's beard i'm glad I made a competitive Pinsir in the Pokemon Editor before the GTS got shut down. Now all I need is the Manectricite and Tyranitarite, which ... more

I know a lot of you out there are waiting for PokEdit X and Y. Well, if you aren't patient enough then you can try to build one of these machines and start getting unlimited shiny Pokemon on your own! ... read more
DERPSTER21 i cant wait for the pokedit for xy or do this i wanna get shinys in y  ... more
I.GOT.A.QUESTION sooo has tippping incresed the shiny rate 4 any of u guys ? ... more

Two new Megalutions were revealed in the October 2013 issue of CoroCoro;
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Cake Poke' Woman wrote: climpsonj01 wrote: Mextwo X looks amazing :D I'm for Mega Mewtwo Y. I'm with you on that one, Poke' Woman. ... more
Poke' Woman climpsonj01 wrote: Mextwo X looks amazing :D I'm for Mega Mewtwo Y. ... more
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