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For those of you recently unable to get onto the wi-fi for pokemon x & y, is because of new patch update that has been released in the Nintendo eShop.
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superus_malum11 TTARIYFE wrote: Do you guys trade pokemon? First: don't post on old topics. Second: there's a trade section available for stuff like that. ... more
rehan100 TTARIYFE wrote: Do you guys trade pokemon? Yes, but what pokemon? ... more

It's confirmed that Pokemon XY is compatible with Pokemon ORAS but there are some exceptions.For example you could trade with XY but you cant trade/show pokemon holding the new megastones or having the new moves(even high jump kick on lopuny) ... read more
Miltank244 Ralloen wrote: Miltank244 wrote: V-Master wrote: Oh btw moves added to a Pokemon's move set is tradeable just not the new signiture moves for Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza ... more
Ralloen Miltank244 wrote: V-Master wrote: Oh btw moves added to a Pokemon's move set is tradeable just not the new signiture moves for Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza That' ... more

A new event pokemon, Pumpkaboo, has been released in correspondence with the new battle competition: Trick-or-Treat Friendly to promote its coming. the competition
requires you to have a super sized Pumpkaboo, being the reason for this distribution. The event is currently being ran in North America and Europe. This event will last until October 31st.

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helpPlz Is it possible to breed more with the hidden ability? ... more
pokemon123456789 superus_malum11 wrote: pokemon123456789 wrote: Ok. That's a good thing in its own way.   My sister has got hers now. She was a little upset about not getting a HA punka ... more

The Fairy Face Off has been announced recently. As the name suggests, all Pokemon must be fairy in one of its types.This should provide interesting battles with some regularity.
Registration starts  on September 18 and ends at September 25. There will not be any poke' bank Pokemon or Xerneus. All battles will be singles. The competition will start at September 26 and ends at September 28. All pokemon will be reduced to level 30 according to the PGL. However, you may want to have your team over level 50. 

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phantom911 As Nooga said, this isn't the place for your question. However the answer to that is that you can you the pkmn files and sav datas and insert them into your game without using the nintendo wifi. If y ... more
Empoleana If we can't get pokemon from here anymore then what is the point to this website if the only thing you can do is chat? Stupid nintendo had to stop us from hacking our games....:( ... more

Another tournament is announced. As it names suggests, the battles will be short and to the point. Its safe to say that there will be less creative teams. Some of you will like the changes and other people will hate the changes.
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phantom911 Here, being off topic is a bad thing. That should have been done in a pm ... more
mutus_unus9 superus_malum11 wrote: mutus_unus9 wrote: superus_malum11 wrote: mutus_unus9 wrote: ... more
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