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pokedit's official Keldeo Event Post promotion details and more
I'm putting together a post with all of the critical information about the Keldeo Event. I'll post all of the information that is applicable to all regions at the top. I'll put country/region specific information below. Questions and Answers will be at the very end. Please let me know if something is missing, want me to add something, or if you find an error. smile
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gothorita japanese pgl promotion
There is a PGL promotion coming up for a special Gothorita for anyone with the Japanese version of Pokemon Black 2 or White 2 (this campaign will not work with Pokemon Black or White). This Gothorita is going to have hidden ability Shadow Tag and the egg move Mirror Coat. ... read more
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reshiram zekrom pokedolls japan promotion
There is a new promotion starting on July 20, 2012 for anybody with the Japanese version of Pokemon Black, White, Black 2, or White 2. You'll need to be a Daisuki Club member to do the promotion. Members will receive an email with a password to unlocked a Reshiram and Zekrom PokeDoll for their Dream World House. The password is as follows: なつやすみだいすき. ... read more
domocoNT1 I don't live in Japan, but what exactly is the Pokemon Daisuki Club (ポケモンだいすきクラブ in Japanese) exactly? ... more
wallace a:) ... more
porygon promotion codes for the whole world
Here are the Promotional Codes for all of the Porygon Events that are going on around the globe. All of the Porygon event will be running until September 27, 2012. ... read more
Polygon22 polygons stink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... more
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Three-Part Porygon PGL Pokemon Event Promotion 2012
A Three-Part PGL Porygon event is now LIVE from July 12, 2012 until September 27, 2012. You'll be able to get a special promotional Porygon with the hidden ability, Analytic. There's also a Porygon C-Gear Skin and a Porygon Pokemon Doll to decorate your Dream World house. We'll have the PKM available soon.

Porygon Pokemon Promotional Code: IGNPORYGON

Porygon C-Gear Skin Promotional Code: PORYZCGEAR2012
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Cake david wrote: did all of this but i can't find it in dream world ! If you did all the steps then it should work. Just gotta keep looking until you find him.  ... more
david did all of this but i can't find it in dream world ! ... more
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