CFW Unlocked Modded 3DS System!!
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For those of you recently unable to get onto the wi-fi for pokemon x & y, is because of new patch update that has been released in the Nintendo eShop.
... read more
superus_malum11 TTARIYFE wrote: Do you guys trade pokemon? First: don't post on old topics. Second: there's a trade section available for stuff like that. ... more
rehan100 TTARIYFE wrote: Do you guys trade pokemon? Yes, but what pokemon? ... more

For those of you that don’t know, Grey seems to be coming down the chute for this year. We all could have speculated this, as the third installment is never too far behind a generation's first Duo release. But, let’s get on with the hints and evidence anyway. ... read more
Ron Yesh, i pulled that box art off google images. I'm pretty sure it's going to be on 3DS based on my research.  ... more
Cake zOObie wrote: codyRogersHaHaHa wrote: i hope gray is DS game becuas i dont have a 3DS That box art shows DS only.  Hopefully that's true so I can play it too! ... more

PokEdit v2 is finally here! With it comes a new site design and some new features. I'll go ahead and give a quick summary of everything that's new. ... read more
bagheadinc vetshiro01 wrote: When we can edit pokemon for pokemon x y Not until after a public exploit is released. Don't expect it any time soon. Until then, once Bank finally comes out you can tr ... more
Ron Darkrai = Judas in the img. Judas will haunt your dreams.  ... more
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