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All of the magic starts on the My Files tab (in the Editor Section of  If it's your first time there, you'll only have one file for a Pokemon Platinum named Platinum001. You must always have at least one file, so you won't be able to delete that one unless you make some more of your own.

You can create a new file by clicking the big green "Create New File" button or by clicking "Create" on one of the blank files on the page.  If you use the green button, then you'll also be able to give it a name right away.  Naming your files is a good way to keep track of what's what.  Currently, we allow you to have 2 files for each game. But we'll probably up the limit soon.

Here are the basic functions that you'll need to know about:


You can only select one file at a time. To select a file, just click the "Select" button. The button will turn blue and say "Selected" when you do that.  All of the information in the Trainer Tab, Items Tab, Pokemon Tab, and Mass Edit Tab is determined by which file you have selected.   Once you select the file you want to edit, you can move on to the other tabs.


The rename button allows you to change the name of the file to whatever you want. It doesn't really serve any purpose besides helping you keep tracking of your files.  Delete the text currently in the text field, type in something that you want, and then click the rename button to change it.  You can also see the name of the selected file underneath the Option Buttons in the Editor Header.  That way you can see the name of the file that you're working on from any page in the editor.


The date that's displayed is the most recent date that an edit was made to that file.  The file list is displayed in chronological order.


The copy button will let you make an exact copy of that file. It will add it to the list with the text "cpy_" added before the original name of the file you copied.


This button does exactly what you'd expect it to do. Be careful when deleting files though, because they won't be able to be recovered.

Those are the My Files basics for creating and managing files. We'll try to get some video tutorials up soon too!
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