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Did you know that there are 4 different Reset Options in the Editor? Here's why there's 4 options and how/when you'll want to use them. To access the Reset Options, click the Reset Options button located in the Editor Header. Here's what the page looks like once you're there:

Reset Options Page

Option 1: Default Pokemon
This option will change all of the Pokemon to the original Editor defaults (the way it was when  you first created the file).  This option will not effect any information on the Trainer Tab or the Items Tab.  This option is usefully if you made a file and were monkeying around with the Pokemon, learning how to use the editor.  You can Reset all of the Pokemon and start over fresh.

Option 2: Delete Pokemon
This option will not effect any information that you've entered on the Trainer Tab or the Items tab.  This will do exactly what it's name suggests; delete all of the Pokemon.  This will create an empty Slot for all 30 slots in every box.  This option is nice if you plan on doing heavy customizations and don't care about having 1 of every single Pokemon in order. When you load a new Pokemon into an empty slot, it will have the editor defaults.  From there, you can make it in your own image.

This option is also useful if you just want to have a couple hand crafted boxes of Pokemon and plan on leaving most of the slots empty.

Option 3: Reset PokEdit Editor
This option wipes everything from the Trainer Tab, Item Tab and the Pokemon Tab.  That means everything all be set to the original defaults.  This is handy if you want to start completely from scratch but don't want to make a new file.

Option 4: I'm Feeling Lucky
You'll have to see what this one does on your own.  Remember, DO NOT use this option on a file that you care about!  It's really just for fun.  So be careful!
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