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Pokemon news has been a little slow lately. That includes Official PokEdit news. But, we're still going to try and keep it fresh here. There's plenty of cool Pokemon artwork and videos that are ripe for the picking. When we find the good ones, we'll post them here.

Since the news is a little slow I'll give you an update on what we're working on behind the scenes at Currently, the site isn't as fast as we'd like it to be. So, in the next couple of weeks, we're going to be making some changes on the back end to try and speed things up a little bit.

Here's a couple new features we're working on implementing:

Full Save Support
Save file support is currently in the works. When we're finished, you'll be able to upload your very own files and edit them directly. You'll also be able to download the files. So, you can create files from scratch with the editor and load them onto your own games. Or, upload your own files and edit them how you want. That also makes our editor a great place for backing up files that you don't want to lose. We'll be increasing the amount of files that you can store on a logged in account in the near future as well.

PokEdit Chat
The site's really new and the boards are a little barren at the moment. So, we've decided to add a live chat section so we can get the Pokemon discussion moving a little faster. Look for it in the next few weeks.

That about wraps it up for now. Remember to leave us feedback and comment!
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make chat, bro
Live chat sounds like a cool idea.ohyeah
zOObie wrote:
Live chat sounds like a cool idea.ohyeah

I agree, it'll be nice to be able to interact with my fans in real time.
Pokemon Master wrote:
zOObie wrote:
Live chat sounds like a cool idea.ohyeah

I agree, it'll be nice to be able to interact with my fans in real time.
I also agree. I'm sure your fans are going to absolute love it heart
yeah true
I do not really like live chat because you can say whatever you want, and if you say like a swear word, the moderators will not be able to look at it, so i take the chat on the negative side.
This is a pretty old thread... which one's the Live Chat board? Aren't these all technically live? Also, when you said full save support, did you mean, like, without the NDS Adapter? Sounds neat!
pokedit not woring on my 3ds
greeen_omag wrote:
pokedit not woring on my 3ds
Try not to revive old threads. If you need assistance getting things working, I suggest creating a thread in the Help Forum.
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