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itsbirdy strikes again, more adorable onesie art
Ever since I succeeded in bringing itsbirdy into the limelight with my original discovery and post; itsbirdy has had much success and recognition across the interwebs. Most of the attention has been focused on his Pokemon Onesie art and ever since then he's been churning more cute critters wearing their evolution-to-be onesies. ... read more
Mastercasa Всем рекомендую менять шины через них, бысто приедут по назначенному адрессу и заменят сезонную резину, пока ты занимаешься своими делами мастера выездного шиномонтажа выполняют свою работу https://f ... more
Ruslanemp ... more
nic cage's face on all 151 1st gen pokemon
About a week ago a artist who was bored at work decided to start drawing Pokemon with Nicolas Cage's face to pass the time. The goal is to draw all 151 original Mons with one of the many great Nic Cage expressions. This should provide you with some humor while only making you feel marginally uncomfortable. I'll post all of the current creations below, but make sure to check out the official tumblr because there are sure more to come. ... read more
Raxes K im back from 5 hours of lavender town to wash this out with pure goodness ... more
secretspy410 cant tell if its pokemon trolls or pokemon obama good job eitheir way ... more
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