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» How is this Legal?
The files that we add to Pokemon games are created using our own PokEdit software. Pokemon games, like many other games, store save data for your game progress. This is separate from the game's programing code. Save Files can be created uniquely thru regular game-play, but they can also be created from scratch if you know the Save File structure. We do not make any changes to the game's programing and the games are not modified. We only load our custom Save Files onto the game cartridge's storage area that reads save files.
This process is similar to using a program like Photoshop. You can create images with the program and save them. You can also open other image files that were not created with the Photoshop software. The Pokemon game software is similar in this respect to Save Files. The games can create their own save files, but they can also read and play save files that were created elsewhere.
» Shipping Options and Prices
PokEdit offers three shipping options for the United States (see International Orders for Global Rates). All games and packages are handled very carefully and always packaged safe and securely. Here are the available domestic shipping options and their approximate transit times:
Shipping Methods Approximate Transit Time Shipping Cost
USPS First Class 3-5 Days $2.99 USD
USPS Priority Mail 2-3 Days $4.99 USD
USPS Express Mail Usually 1 Day $17.99 USD
» International Orders
PokEdit ships to every coutnry in the world. All international orders are shipped via USPS First Class International. Your package will be given to your country's postal service when it arrives at your own country. International Shipping time varies, but the avergage transit time is around 10-14 business days for most countries.
Shipping Method Approximate Transit Time Shipping Cost
USPS First Class International 10-14 Days $4.99 USD
» Returns, Exchanges, and Warranty
PokEdit offers a 60 day Warranty on all games. All of our used games are professionally cleaned, tested, and working well. If you still find some problem with the game then you may exchange it for another identical item for up to 60 days. You may also be eligable for a Money Back refund if the problem you're having is the result of something that we did or something that our software caused.
Send-In Services have a 60 day Warranty. Please try to contact us regarding any problems you may have as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the harder it will be for us to figure out what the problem may be. Any problems that are a result of our error will be fully covered under our 60 day Warranty.
Tampering with the games or opening the cartridges will void the Warranty. Using cheat devices or other such software/hardware to further manipulate your game will void the Warranty.
» Payment Options
PokEdit Offers the folloing payment options:
PayPal Checkout
Use PayPal to pay with funds in your PayPal account or with a Credit/Debit Card.
Google Checkout
Use Google Wallet to pay using a Credit Card. A Google account is not required to use this payment option.
Credit Card by Phone
You must contact us before placing an order to pay by phone. Use the Contact Form to request our Phone Number.
Money Order
Money Orders may be used if you contact us in advance. Our shipping address will be provided and you can send the payment. Orders will ship after the Money Order funds successfully clear.
Game Trades
We can accept Games, Game Consoles, and Game Accessories as payment. Please contact us to find out how much your games are worth.
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