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How to use the Editor
How to Batch Edit many Pokemon?
How to put a File on your game?
Advanced Editor Features

?Guide: How to use the Editor.

here What's a Pokemon Editor?

Our Pokemon Editor has many functions, but the main feature is the ability to create custom files and Pokemon that you can add to real Pokemon games. The Editor is tightly integrated with our Pokemon Store, so you can create custom files and purchase games that come loaded with the edits you've made using our Editor.
You can purchased Unlocked Games from our store and and also purchase a Send-In Service so you can send in your own game. Learn more about Unlocked Games and Send-In Services in our Store Support.

here How to Create and Manage Files?

Knowing how to Create and Manage Files is first step to using our Editor. For Example: If you want to purchase and Unlocked Pokemon Black 2 from our store, then you'll need to Create a Pokemon Black 2 File in the Editor.
File Management is important if you plan on downloading Pokemon from the Editor too. The game file determines the PKM format.
Highlight one of the (!) icons below to learn more.
Managing and Creating Files in the PokEdit Editor
My Files Tab
This is your starting point. The My Files Section is where you'll do all your file management. Click this tab to come back and change which file you want to work on.
Selected File
You can only select one file at a time in the Editor. This button indicates the file that is currently selected. This file is the one you are editing when making changes in the Trainer, Items, and Pokemon tab.
Copy and Delete File
The Copy button will let you create a duplicate file. You can also select a different game for the copied file.
Delete will permanently delete a file. Deleted files cannot be recovered.
Rename File
You can rename each file to anything you like. Simply type the name you want and click the Rename button.
Create File
Every NDS Pokemon game will always show up in the list as a Blank File. Click Create to active the file and start editing.
Create Files
This button will let you Create a New file for any game we offer in the Editor. You can also choose the file name when you Create it.
The above image and tips should give you a good idea about how to Create and Manage your files.

here How to edit Pokemon?

This is probably the reason your here. But, if you're buying an item from our store, I strongly recommend going to the Trainer tab and Items tab before coming here.
All of the Pokemon in our Editor are stored in boxes with 30 Pokemon in each box. These boxes correspond to the boxes in the PC in the game. Different games have a different amount of boxes. The game file that you have selected will automitally determine how many boxes you have access to.
Switching between boxes is very easy. The first thing you'll see when you clicking the Pokemon tab is the Box Page. You can switch to any boxes by using the navigation at the top. Click on any Pokemon to go to it's Slot Page. The Slot Page is where you'll do the editing!

• Box Page

Highlight one of the (!) icons below to learn more.
PokEdit Editor Box Page
Box Page Navigation
The middle number shows which box you are currently viewing. The two buttons on the side will switch to the next or previous boxes.
Go to the Slot Page
The Pokemon rows will turn yellow when you mouse-over them. Click on them to enter the Slot Page for that Pokemon.

• Slot Page

Highlight one of the (!) icons below to learn more.
PokEdit Editor Slot Page
Slot Page Navigation
The center Pokemon is the one that's currently selected. The right and left buttons will change the Slot Page to a different Pokemon.
Edit the Pokemon
Select the Check Box for the information you want to edit. After you've selected the information, click the Apply Edits button to Save.
Apply Edits Button
After making changes to the Pokemon you'll have to click this button to save the edits. You can see how many edits are going to be made from the Pending Edits info above this button.
PokEdit Slot Page Options
Scroll down the page to learn more about these Options.
Slot Page tabs
There is a lot of information to change for all the Pokemon. We've divided that information into Tabs to make it easier to find what you want to change.

• Save Changes

Apply Edits Button
Once you've clicked one of the Check Boxes, you'll be able to edit that field. You can make changes to as many fields at the same time as you like. After you've changed the information, you'll need to use the Apply Edits button to actually save the changes.
You can see how many edits are going to save by looking at the Pending Edits. Clicking the clear all link will uncheck all of the current pending edits. After you Apply Edits, all pending fields will be unchecked.

• Slot Page Options

Change Button
This button will let you change the Pokemon. The current Pokemon will be lost when you switch it for a new one.
You can only select from Pokemon that are compatible with the game file you are working on. For Example: If you currently have a Pokemon HeartGold file selected, then you won't be able to choose any Pokemon that are exclusive to Pokemon Black.
Delete PKM
This option will completely remove the Pokemon from the slot. This will create an Empty Slot. You don't have to have a Pokemon in every slot, so feel free to do a little house cleaning and free up some space.
Download PKM File
This button will let you download the PKM file. You can make edits in PokEdit and import the Pokemon to other programs (i.e.: PokeSav).
Upload PKM in PokEdit Editor
This feature is currently unavailable.
Insert Event Pokemon
This button is similar to the Change button, but you'll be able to select from all of the Event Pokemon in our database. These are official Pokemon from real Nintendo Events. Like the Change button, you'll only be able to select Pokemon that are compatible with the file you are working on.
Send to Game button
This button will let you send the Pokemon to a GTS Queue that lets you can transfer the Pokemon to your game using the PokEdit GTS. To learn more about the PokEdit GTS please go to our GTS Support page.

here How to edit my Trainer?

• Trainer Tab

Your Trainer is the character that you play as in the game. You can choose from a wide vareity of basic Trainer details. Some of these details are specific to your actual trainer, such as: Gender, Name, and ID number.
The Trainer tab also lets you choose some of the game options such as Play-Time, PokeDollars, and more! Please check below to see all of the available options. All of these options can be accessed in the Trainer tab.
PokEdit Editor - Trainer Tab

• Apply Data

The last option on the page is Apply Data. There are two options: Apply trainer data to my Pokemon and Leave my Pokemon alone. The first option (apply data to Pokemon) will effect all of the Pokemon in the Pokemon tab. It is recommened to use this option because it will make the Original Trainer of each Pokemon to match the Trainer details that you chose on this page. This is imporant if you want the Pokemon to obey you in the game.
The other option, leave my Pokemon alone, will not change the Original Trainer information for your Pokemon. This option is only recommened for advanced users.

• Save and Save & Continue

After changing the details on this page, you'll need to save. You can save by using one of the blue buttons at the bottom of the page. The Save button's sole fuction is so save your progress. The Save & Continue button will save your information and move you to the Items tab.

here How to select my in-game Items?

There are diffent types of items in Pokemon games. They are seperated by different bags or bag pouches. Our editor lets you choose if you want to fill the bags up with all possible items that it can hold.
PokEdit Editor - Items Tab
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