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What is PokEdit?
How to use PokEdit?
Can I download PokEdit?
What is PokEdit all about?

?PokEdit Information.

here What is PokEdit?

• is a Pokemon website. As a matter of fact, it's this website!

• Editor and Store

PokEdit is many things, but the focus of our site is Pokemon creation. We've built a powerful Pokemon Editor that is tightly integrated with our Webstore. You can create custom Pokemon and files using our Editor and add them to real Pokemon games from our store. After you buy a game, you'll receive it with the edits you made on our Editor. You can also purchase a Send-In Service and send in Your Own Game.

• Send to Game and GTS Service

Another key feature of PokEdit is our GTS Service. This allows you to wirelessly send Pokemon from our website directly to your game. You can only send one at a time, so it's not as convient as buying an Unlocked Game, but it's a great way to get those Event Pokemon you missed. You can also send any Pokemon from one of our Databases or from the Editor.

• Community

We have a Messsage Boards that is ripe for conversation about Pokemon Hacking, Editor Tips, Website help, and anything else that you think is relavent. We've also tried to add a comment section on many of the page. So, feel free to share your thoughts and opinions with us and the community. The more feedback we get is the better we can make PokEdit.

• Everything else

PokEdit has many other services and utilities. There is a dedicated News Section, Download Section, Tools, and much more coming in the future. The more participation we get from our community, the more services we'll be able to offer in the future.

here How to use PokEdit?

We get this questions a lot, but there isn't really one answer. It depends what part of PokEdit you're trying to use. If you're trying to figure out how to use the Editor, Store, or GTS, scroll up to the Support Bar and navigate to it's corresponding Support Page. If you're wondering how to use something else then you'll have to hit up our boards or Contact Us.
Here's some help links to get to the right place:

here Can I download PokEdit?

PokEdit is an online application. That means you can only use it at There is no downloadable version and we currently don't have any plans to create one.
There are-many reason why an online application is better than a downloadable version. Having it online means that we can store your Save Files and PKMs for you. Yu'll always have access to them if something happens to your computer or game. It also allows us to make it much more powerful and connect with other users.

here What is PokEdit all about?

We decided to make PokEdit because we wanted share our love of Pokemon creation and editing with as many people as possible. Our store allows users that aren't so tech-savy and/or don't have the proper hardware to get customized games with Pokemon they could only dream of getting in the real world. This dream isn't limited to novices user though. Our GTS Service allows almost anybody with Wi-Fi access to easily get custom Pokemon.
PokEdit is an on going project. We have big dreams and many plans for the future. There are a lot of really cool utilities and tools already in development and we can't wait for you to start using them. Your support will help our progress greatly.
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