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?Guide: How to use the Store and Pokemon Editor?

here How does PokEdit work?

has an Advanced Pokemon Editor and Store. We've designed them to be tightly integrated so you can create Custom Files and apply them to Real Pokemon Games.

Unlocked Games

can be loaded with PokEdit Files. Create amazing files with our Editor and add them to Unlocked Games before Checking Out in our Store. Your game will ship with the actual file you edited on our website!

Send-In Services

let you send us Your Own Game to have it loaded with a file made using the Editor.

here How to add a File to a game in the Store?

Before you can put a File on a game, you'll need to create one in the Editor. If you don't know how to use the Editor then please read our How to use the Pokemon Editor Guide.
Make sure that the file you create matches the game you plan on buying. Once you've made your edits, head on over to the Store. Select the file you want buy using the File Selector directly above the Add to Cart button on the Product Page. You can also manage your games and their corresponding files on the Cart Preview Page.
If you're not tech savy and still want an Unlocked Game then you can skip Editor process entirely. There is an option when checking out called Standard Unlocked File. Select that to receive our Default Unlocked File without using the Editor at all.

• Product Page: Select which file you want on your game.

Add a PokEdit File to your Store Item 01

• Cart Preview Page: Double check your files and make changes if necessary.

Add a PokEdit File to your Store Item 02
Your order will be processed, prepared, and shipped shortly after you checkout. After the preparation and delivery, you'll have a game with a customized file.

here How to add a File to my Own Game (aka Send-In Service).

Send-In Services allow you to load a file to a game you already own without purchasing a new game. Send-In Services can be purchased from the Store like any other item.
Choose which file you want using the File Selector on the Product Page or on the Cart Preview Page. After your order has process you will land on the Payment Success Page. There is a link on that page to the Send-In Form. You should include the Send-In Form, along with your game, when you send it in.
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