CFW Unlocked Modded 3DS System!!
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Save Downloads have been added to the editor for 4th and 5th GEN. It's already been online for a few days, but I think it's been tested enough now that everybody who's capable of moving files can start enjoying it. ... read more
Odaxis levihernandez wrote: who wants help me? :c i can't remember how use this page u.u Not it. ... more
levihernandez who wants help me? :c i can't remember how use this page u.u ... more

PokEdit GTS will be going down in 20 Days. If you haven't completed your Dex on your 4th or 5th Gen games yet then you better get on it! PokEdit makes it easy and you might now have another chance! ... read more
Suicunemonster I don't think that a X/Y editor is possible because the pokemon developers now have some sort of anti-hacking system added to the game so i think that this site is the only way how to fill up your po ... more
Nooga Osiris wrote: ok so wifi services for ds games are shut down... is anyone doing something to workaround this problem? I need to complete my Y version pokedex For now you'll have to downl ... more
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