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Sam Yang, Owner of Sammu Studios, has sculpted some impressive realistic 3D Pokemon models. Apparently the idea came to him after playing Borderlands. hmm ... read more
mutus_unus9 Don't post on anything past 2 week. ... more
LinkHero superus_malum11 wrote: V-Master wrote: that is not blastiod its ice cool AWSOME don't post on old topics. What is the rule for posting on old topics? ... more

And artist studying at Tokyo University named Tako-ashi has built some really impressive 3D Modles and built some neo-retro posters to advertise Pokemon Red, Blue, and Green versions. ... read more
RadicalBrendan! InuYasha wrote: RadicalBrendan! wrote:  Uh... Yeeeeaaahh, these aren't creepy at all. XD I TOTALLY agree with you. :D    Thank you!  ... more
phantom911 Great. Now its a pokemon version of durastic park ... more
cute onesie gallery part 3
This wasn't originally intended to be a series, but itsbirdy ended up drawing so many of these that I just couldn't help myself. Here is a fresh batch of the newest Onesie wearing Pokemon. ... read more
Shadow Silver I like Sneasel... ... more
Cake XxMewxX wrote: Hehe, I love Scyther in Scizor so much its my PROFILE PICTURE!!! :D I like that one alot too. :D ... more

It's getting close to Halloween and artist RhythemAx already has some delicious treats for our eyes to feast on. Not Halloween themed, but no tricks either! ... read more
RadicalBrendan!  These are pretty awesome! But I saw these in July of last year. I even used Aggron as a profile picture, because the Aron family is my favorite Pokemon family. Nonetheless, these are very awesome!  ... more
phantom911 They are locked for a reason. This is your second warning within a short period of time. next one will recieve action ... more

When Mark Avila isn't drinking hot chocolate and playing Cat Mario he's drawing incredible Pokemon artwork. ... read more
RadicalBrendan!  This artwork is as awesome as All0412's artwork! Nice find, Cake!  ... more
FashionistaPokemon me and SV could draw similar together ... more
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