CFW Unlocked Modded 3DS System!!
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PokEdit GTS will be going down in 20 Days. If you haven't completed your Dex on your 4th or 5th Gen games yet then you better get on it! PokEdit makes it easy and you might now have another chance! ... read more
Suicunemonster I don't think that a X/Y editor is possible because the pokemon developers now have some sort of anti-hacking system added to the game so i think that this site is the only way how to fill up your po ... more
Nooga Osiris wrote: ok so wifi services for ds games are shut down... is anyone doing something to workaround this problem? I need to complete my Y version pokedex For now you'll have to downl ... more
pokemon global link

Nintendo announced 7/1/2013 that their Global link site ( will be gradually phased out to make room for the Generation 6 Global link site. ... read more
GlitchMaster This is a dead topic. Posting on these can get you banned. ... more
pokemon99 Bummer dudes  ... more

Hello everyone! I'm here to announce the 2013 International Challenge for June!
Registration will be open from June 13th - June 20th

The Competition will be live from June 21st - June 24th
... read more
Poke' Woman RadicalBrendan! wrote:  Please not that pokeforever used profanity. I have removed his post. Thank you for that. It was really annoying me. But, as for Blaziken, I do not believe so, but ... more
RadicalBrendan!  Please not that pokeforever used profanity. I have removed his post. ... more

Get ready for the 2013 Spring Friendly, Wi-Fi Competition!

Registration will be open from May 9th - May 16th!

The Competition will be live from May 17th - May 20th!
... read more
Raichu Hnng.. I'm sad to have missed these C-Gears! I really need to be more organized! ... more
RadicalBrendan!  If I can, I'll try to join. ... more

Hello! There is a new Wi-Fi Distribution Event for Black and White 2!
[English Cartridges]

You will receive a lvl 100 Deoxys!

This event will be live until May 31st!
... read more
RadicalBrendan!  Wow, I so want Deoxys now!  ... more
Cake MiniiGaGa wrote: Cake or Zorrettta plz add it to the database asap!!!!!!!!!! We're working on it. We should have it on the site by tomorrow. ... more
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