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Pokemon news has been a little slow lately. That includes Official PokEdit news. But, we're still going to try and keep it fresh here. There's plenty of cool Pokemon artwork and videos that are ripe for the picking. When we find the good ones, we'll post them here.

Since the news is a little slow I'll give you an update on what we're working on behind the scenes at Currently, the site isn't as fast as we'd like it to be. So, in the next couple of weeks ... read more
bagheadinc greeen_omag wrote: pokedit not woring on my 3ds Try not to revive old threads. If you need assistance getting things working, I suggest creating a thread in the Help Forum. ... more
greeen_omag pokedit not woring on my 3ds ... more

The editor now stores files directly to your PokEdit account. Previously, it could only store files in the browser cookie, so if you deleted your browser cookies then you'd lose access to them (that's still the case if you don't make an account though).

If you have any files that already exist in the "My Files" tab in the editor, they will be transferred to your account automatically when you log in. It's that easy! Files connected to accounts are never deleted, so you can save them forever! ... read more
superus_malum11 lilonegia wrote: i can use the editor but i can't use the gts.Y????????? I know your new here but don't post on old topics. what you need to do is go make a pokemon here. download it. then ... more
lilonegia i can use the editor but i can't use the gts.Y????????? ... more

Now that PokEdit v2 has finally launched, we're going to start working on some new and improved Editor features. As of now, you can edit and download any single PKM file from the editor. But, we can do better than that.  Here some new features that we plan on rolling out in the next couple of months.  They'll probably be released in chronological order, but no guarantees on that.
... read more
Lumine This would be so amazing if it were real....almost everything I have wanted from pokesav. Too bad this is so perfect I now know I am dreaming. Weird dream tho since Nurse Joy hasn't shown up yet..... ... more
phantom911 lei94 wrote: they need to add pokemon from x and y to the editor i reckon i hope they do Please check the boards before you make a post like that. We have full intentions on adding x and ... more

All of the magic starts on the My Files tab (in the Editor Section of  If it's your first time there, you'll only have one file for a Pokemon Platinum named Platinum001. You must always have at least one file, so you won't be able to delete that one unless you make some more of your own. ... read more
Poke' Woman Potatoes. :D ... more
chychy7808 Thanks it helped alot!:) <3 ... more
Now that we have PokEdit accounts, you can save your files forever. You just need to make an account. After that, all of the files you create will be stored on our server indefinitely. ... read more
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