CFW Unlocked Modded 3DS System!!
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pokedit oras promo
PokEdit is having a big promotion to celebrate the launch of ORAS and PokEdit 2.0. We're going to be giving out a bunch of free prizes includes Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire games, 3DS XL console, plushies, figures, and way way way more! ... read more
FlameSpeedster Setlegend56 wrote: Pokedit is offline. Any idea when it will come back up? Not the right place for this. Since the promo is finished this topic will now be closed. ... more
rehan100 If you mean GTS, it will NEVER BE BACK ONLINE. ... more

PokEdit is having a promotion to try and gain some new visitors and traffic. We'll be giving away a bunch of awesome prizes, so please make sure to check this out! ... read more
Poke' Woman The winners have been announced! ... more
Cake The drawings for the PokEdit Promo Prizes will be held today. (for the prizes that were unlocked) The winners will be announced as soon as possible! ... more
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